Cody Hilbun

Managing Director, Wealth Management

Raymond James & Associates, Inc.

Cody Hilbun is a founding partner of Bespoke Capital Advisors of Raymond James. Cody and the Bespoke team work with a limited number of privately held business owners and their families to help properly value their business, create a succession plan designed to maximize financial potential, and address details essential to all parties concerned.  He oversees key strategic, marketing and policy determinations for the Bespoke group and its lines of business. Cody also serves on the Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Investment Committee for the group and leads the group’s family education efforts. He is active in setting the vision and strategy for Bespoke. Cody works with multi-generational families to address the complex issues of successful wealth transfer. His expertise encompasses such diverse areas as complex income and estate tax planning; family dynamics and education; and investment management. He facilitates numerous family meetings for clients each year, and speaks regularly to families that want to overcome the old adage of “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves” in three generations.  Cody has received a number of professional awards, including most recently being name to Forbes 2018 and 2019 list of America’s Top Next-Generation Wealth Advisors!