Rick Upton

SVP Sales & Marketing


Rick Upton is the Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing of Vixxo.  He assumed the role in June 2020. 

Vixxo is a facilities management leader focused on providing a seamless, intuitive experience for a vast portfolio of brands across the United States and Canada.  Driven by exceptional insights, the company enables clients to reduce operational burdens, control spend, improve savings and empower business growth. By delivering high-quality service, dedicated account expertise and visibility into asset activities and costs, Vixxo is changing the way the world sees facilities management.

Prior to joining Vixxo, he spent 13 years in the facility management industry leading Sales and Marketing organizations providing new facility equipment, as well as the repair and maintenance of a wide range of equipment and systems.

Rick has an operations background leading engineering and technical teams at IBM, Unisys, and Pepsi.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in packaging from the Rochester Institute of Technology.  Rick lives in Portland, OR and enjoys bicycle racing, woodworking and enjoying time with his Wife and family.