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Nate Brazier

President & CEO
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Stinker Stores

Nate Brazier is the CEO, aka Head Skunk Wrangler and overall daily ringleader, for Stinker Stores. Based out of Idaho since 1936 and operating 106 locations across Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming, Stinker.  Nate has been an instrumental force in crafting a new vision and setting the bar high as Stinker continues to position itself as a brand to watch. With an extensive background in convenience coming from brands like 7-11 and Maverick, as well as an MBA from the University of Utah, Nate has found his true calling as a Skunk Whisperer where he can leverage his uncanny ability to stay calm in any scenario, crack jokes with the most serious face you’ve ever seen and in general lead a team that just doesn’t take themselves too seriously while they push themselves as a key player in the industry.