David Nelson

Founder and President

Study Groups

As an industry veteran for more than 35 years, David Nelson has aided many companies by founding Study Groups, an organization that brings together non-competing marketers to share financial benching and best practices in an environment of trust that creates lasting friendships.  This organization, which now numbers 60 groups and 600 members, is frequently credited with helping c-store businesses grow and become more efficient.  In 2019 in recognition for this work, David was honored by being selected as one  of the 50 most influential people in the history of the industry.  “Through his industry study groups, David has probably helped more companies get better and, in many cases survive than any other resource available to the petroleum industry,” said one industry insider.

Nelson is also Professor of Economics at Western Washington University where he has been recognized as a Distinguished Teaching Fellow and as MBA professor of the year.  Nelson has published multiple studies on the valuation of petroleum distributors, c-store profitability, and other topics.